Women’s Shoe Inserts & Diabetic Gel Insoles

Are you experiencing additional pressure around your feet and ankles when you walk? Unfortunately, this is a common symptom for those living with diabetes; finding the proper footwear products is the key to alleviating some of that pain. Anodyne’s women’s shoe inserts are the answer to many of your activity struggles. Designed with a cushioned gel that absorbs each step’s impact, our women’s diabetic gel insoles take the pressure off your feet and keep you pain-free for longer. Not only can this do wonders for keeping you active, but this can also reduce your chances of injury as you go about your daily life. We also offer women’s gel inserts for slippers so that you can experience maximum comfort and support no matter where you are. Check out our women’s shoe inserts below, and get yourself on the path to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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